Welcome to a self-paced explorative course on Regenerative Leadership

Are you curious about Regenerative Leadership & Business and would like to start exploring the main pillars, concepts, and business cases?

Through 6 modules we take you deep into the main wisdom pillars of Regenerative Leadership and offer a structured way of exploring and integrating these concepts within your own practice. 

Included in the course:

  • 6 pre-recorded modules

    6 pre-recorded modules taking you through all the main areas of Regenerative Leadership & Business. You will get access to all of these modules, and a workbook designed to take your practice to a deeper level, as soon as you have signed up. You will also receive transcripts of all the videos.

  • An online community

    We have our own community space that you will get access to right away. Here all students from Regenerators Academy are invited to discuss, share and meet each other. You can take part explore whichever content topic interests you or start your own topic. We also have our own community-channel on Telegram.

  • 4 x Live Virtual Gatherings

    We'll gather LIVE 4x/a year for a Q&A style session where you can ask Laura Storm questions about the content and learn from fellow regenerators. All LIVE sessions are recorded and can be accessed at any time.

The Course Design

Silo-based approaches belong in the past; Regenerative Leaders are weavers of multiple fields.

There are 6 core content pillars that take you through a wide array of concepts, frameworks, insights, and business cases designed to strengthen your Regenerative Leadership practice.

4 times a year we gather online for 2 hours. Here you get to ask questions and discuss the topics with fellow Regenerators.

What's included?

What's included?

  • 6 carefully designed pre-recorded modules covering all the key elements needed for you to deepen your Regenerative Leadership practice. This includes recorded sessions, transcripts of all sessions and slide-packs.

  • A Regenerative Leadership Course workbook designed to create space for deeper contemplation, reflection, integration and application.

  • 4 annual Live Q&A sessions where you can explore the course content with fellow Regenerators.

  • Access to a unique community of kindred spirits on a similar journey. In our community, we will share successes, failures, lessons learned, ideas and new inspiration to feel empowered and supported on our regenerative journey.

  • Access to a library of extra resources recommended for your continued journey: videos, podcasts, books etc.

What We Cover in 6 Modules

  • Module 1

    MODULE 1: Why we need Regenerative Leadership

    Why is it that we urgently need Regenerative Leadership in the first place? What kind of landscapes are we all navigating within, what are the main challenges for regenerative leaders, and how can we deeply understand the interconnectedness of our challenges and cultivate a deeper understanding of our current context?

  • Module 2

    MODULE 2: Getting to the Root Cause: The Story of Separation

    We need to ensure that we don’t just fix things at a surface level but truly dare to go to the root causes of our current challenges. We need to understand what created our current mess in the first place, in order to apply the right kind of healing, solutions, and leadership. If we don’t dare to explore this root cause and how the story of separation is infiltrating every corner of society, we’ll inadvertently keep repeating the same mistakes, over and over again.

  • Module 1

    MODULE 3: Learning from Nature

    Nature has 3.8 billion years of experience in designing life – why don’t we draw on that wisdom to build societies full of health and vitality? Knowing how nature designs thriving regenerative systems and solutions is of paramount importance for regenerative leaders. In this module, we will begin to explore nature's organizing patterns and principles which are the foundation for a regenerative way of designing, leading and being.

  • Module 4

    MODULE 4: The Role of the Regenerative Leader

    This module serves as the perfect bridge between nature’s wisdom and the leadership role. How can we take the logic of life and apply it into our leadership and organizational development? How can we truly shift our ways from rigid, mechanistic scheduling and planning, and move into regenerative, life-affirming ways? The module presents key concepts and dynamics in ecosystem facilitation and emphasizes the type of questions Regenerative Leaders must ask themselves to steward health, life, and vitality in their living systems.

  • Module 5

    MODULE 5: The DNA of Regenerative Business

    In this module we take all that we’ve learned in previous modules and apply it in concrete ways to our role as Regenerative Leaders and practitioners. We will dive deeply into how we build thriving organizations, based on the Regenerative DNA framework presented in the book Regenerative Leadership: the DNA of life-affirming 21st century organizations. This is a rather extensive module as we’ll go through the DNA model in depth, thoroughly exploring every DNA strand, to equip you with the knowledge needed to transition your organization to regeneration.

  • Module 6

    MODULE 6: Regenerative Leadership Capacities  

    This module is designed to be the nourishing, deep inner exhale, and the introverted yin energy we tap into before we go out into this world as regenerative change-makers and transformers. It ties together the final threads of what we’ve woven in the modules before and offers you some practical next steps. 

6 minute video explaining the content & flow of the course

Do you want to be a part of the regenerative movement?


For a regenerative transition to happen we urgently need executives, HR professionals, teachers, students, creatives, coaches, consultants, architects, NGO-leaders, politicians and city officials that dare to blaze entirely new trails and rebuild our systems in regenerative and resilient ways.

Who is this course for?

  • Executives who understand that a regenerative business approach is the only way to do business going forward and the only way to future-proof their organization.

  • Intrapreneurs who are deeply passionate about sowing the seeds of inner transformation in their organizations yet long for a community to learn from, grow with and be inspired by in terms of where to start and how to hold momentum.

  • Sustainability professionals who want to compliment their toolbox with regenerative practice, understanding and frameworks simply because traditional sustainability frameworks are not enough.

  • HR professionals who understand their important role in transforming their organizations towards healthy, vibrant living systems, with a focus on offering conditions for inner life to thrive within the organizations. HR is short for Human Regeneration in the regenerative era.

  • Teachers and professors who understand that the legacy they leave is one where they have equipped their students to navigate complexities and redesign towards regeneration. The world desperately needs teachers and professors willing to start integrating regenerative wisdom into their curriculums.

  • NGO leaders and community managers that see the importance of ensuring that NGOs are geared for the 21st century landscape and not lost in rigid bureaucracy and rigidity.

  • Consultants and coaches who want to include a regenerative approach into their work, to take their clients to the much needed next level.

  • Architects and urban developers who are curious to explore how regenerative frameworks and approaches could improve their work in the field of urban regenerative design.

  • Project managers and team leaders wanting to up-level their organizational approaches and frameworks into a mindset geared for the 21st century.

  • Students who feel their education isn't prepping them to lead organizations into the regenerative era.


Laura Storm

Laura is the founder of Regenerators and has spent her entire career working at the intersection of sustainability, organizational development, climate change policy and the wisdom of nature.

  • She has started and led multiple international organizations focused on the global transformation to sustainability - including Copenhagen Climate Council and Sustainia.

  • She has been awarded the title "Worldchanger" by Greenbiz, named one of the 30 leading women within sustainability and regeneration by Sustainable Brands, is selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and a World Economic Forum Sustainability Expert, as well as serving on many Boards.

  • She runs regenerative transformation processes for individuals and organizations and is the co-author of the much-praised book Regenerative Leadership: the DNA of life-affirming 21st century organisations.

Laura Storm

Testimonials from Previous Journeys

A Journey that forever changed me.

Some courses you easily forget and move on. But then there are a few that make such a profound impact on you that there’s a before and after. I’ve just been thorugh such a journey masterfully designed and facilitated by Laura Storm – an international beacon of regenerative light and inspiration. A true pioneer within regenerative Leadership. During the course, I was surprised, inspired, motivated, challenged and deeply moved. 


Finding kindred spirits.

Before starting the course I had questions like: Am I wrong? Do I misunderstand the world? Am I alone in the desert? Where can I find likeminded? Where can I find frameworks and tools to apply it? Where can I find vocabulary for what I feel, I see & understand? All those questions were answered during the course. Thank you for that. I learned to not be afraid of my own thoughts. Not to be afraid of imperfection (Nature also is). Not to be afraid of believing in Nature.


Bringing wisdom back to your workplace.

“It has been highly insightful, extremely interesting and very thought provoking – altogether a very inspiring course. I have talked to most of my friends, most of my relatives and all of my colleagues about it and I hope to see the rings spread in the water. I was delighted to see how my boss decided to incorporate regenerative thinking into our new strategy.”


Helped me break the mold.

This was hand-down one of the best learning experiences I have EVER had! I cannot recommend this learning experience enough. I have connected with many peers on LinkedIn after the course and I also thought the application of the learning was genius. So and too often learning is not applied, you broke this mold and that made a real impact on me (plus I got loads of amazing ideas and insight). Thank you, truly a world-class experience.



As Above, So Below, As Within So Without


Regenerators are constantly focused on weaving new regenerative ways. They understand that how they show up for themselves and to what extent they apply regenerative principles to their own lives deeply influence their ability to create regenerative ripples through their own actions and leadership. 

This course will focus on how you can create regenerative ripples in your own life, your projects, your organizations and through your actions have a regenerative ecosystemic impact.

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  • Immediate access to 6 deep-dive recorded video MODULES including TRANSCRIPTS & SLIDEDECKS.

  • A WORKBOOK designed to integrate your learnings.

  • A rich LIBRARY of resources and tools to strengthen your practices.

  • A COMMUNITY of people on a similar journey.

  • LIVE SESSIONS 4 times a year we facilitate explorative Q&A sessions diving deeper into the content together.


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