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The rest of 2024 we only offer the self-paced Regenerative Leadership Course.

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Welcome to our year-long journey exploring Regenerative Leadership with a community of kindred spirits

If you are a committed change activator who longs for life-affirming ways to be on this planet and are curious and open to learning, unlearning and tangibly trying out new regenerative ways of living, working, leading and doing business – this offering is for you.
  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "This journey has planted a seed to transform my life and opened the potential to completely change the way I show up and how I contribute to a regenerative world."

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "Truly a path that you are invited to go shoulder to shoulder with beautiful fellow humans on, that gives rise to inspiration, connectedness and emergence within you and the community."

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "A very conscious learning journey to understand our interconnections and how to heal ourselves to heal the systems we belong to."

The Journey includes:

This unique one-year long journey is a combination of an extensive deep-dive course in Regenerative Leadership, a virtual global community and a multitude of stimulating co-created LIVE sessions to choose from. As the journey is deliberately designed to allow for natural emergence to happen, you will gain much more than what can be put into words at this stage.

Here are some of the things we can guarantee:

  • Community

    We welcome you into our unique community of around 300 kindred spirits on a similar journey to embrace regenerative living, leading and business. Our co-created Agreement of Trust enables us to share challenges, successes, failures, lessons learned, ideas, and new inspirations openly and honestly, and to feel empowered and supported on our regenerative journey.

  • Pre-recorded modules

    The content will take you through all the main concepts and frameworks of Regenerative Leadership for you to explore in your own space and time. and then we diver deeper into the content in our live integration sessions. This includes recorded sessions, slide-packs and a workbook designed to create space for deeper contemplation and application. You get immediate access to this when you sign up for the journey.

  • Live Virtual Sessions

    In these sessions, you will have the space to reflect and dive deeper into our theme of the month, meet fellow Regenerators from around the world, and discuss and share in smaller break-out rooms. We value designing sessions that feels like a nourishing waterhole that can equally challenge, recharge and guide you on your regenerative path.

    All LIVE sessions are recorded and can be accessed at any time.

  • Home study group

    If you are committed to showing up fully and want ongoing dedicated support from a small group of other committed journey travellers, its an opportunity to join your very own Home Circle. Alongside your Home Circle, you also get to meet all the other amazing humans on the journey during the breakouts in the LIVE Integration sessions.

  • Community

    Inspiration, thought-provoking ideas and best-practice cases from some of the leading regenerative thinkers and business leaders. We have 10+ sessions with some of the worlds leading thinkers and practitioners within regeneration to help broaden and deepen our understating of regeneration.

  • Resource library

    Stimulating videos, podcasts, books, articles, films and research to help inspire and deepen your awareness, wisdom and practise.

    The library is open source for all who have taken the journey which means its continually evolving and growing

The Flow of Our Year

Over the course of a year we travel deep into core pillars of regenerative wisdom - we explore frameworks, theories, practices and cases in a carefully designed cyclical wheel that follows the 4 main energetic seasons of the living world.

We begin our journey with the energy of the dark and still Winter. The practice of wintering is as essential for regenerative leaders as it is for any living system to nurture a fertile and nourished soil. In the darkness of the winter-time we also move into the shadows and explore the root-causes of the degenerative systems we find ourselves entangled in today. We come to know that the regenerative approach has to be about radical unlearning, one that heals rather than adds to the Story of Separation. We receive the invitation to begin or deepen our practice and to train our lens to see and interrupt extractive internalized patterns in our society, business models, leadership and personal behavior.
In the Spring energy of our journey, we explore how life creates conditions conducive for more life, by its very design. What if we could design human-made systems the same way? Base our business models on that life-affirming logic? We begin to ask ourselves how we can translate these principles into our leadership and roles as ecosystem nurturers and facilitators. How we could see ourselves as gardeners and facilitator of ecosystems holding space for life-affirming ways that creates conditions conducive to life itself.
The season and energy of Summer is one of doing, cultivating, growing and gardening! We roll up our sleeves and take our first steps forward by taking all that we have learned and explored so far on our journey and get our hands into the soil by applying it to our own lives and organizations. As a community we gather to bravely share real-life leadership and business challenges from the heart. We support each other to collectively find regenerative pathways and explore which leadership capacities we need to cultivate to thrive in the regenerative transition period.
Autumn is a time of harvest, preserving, composting nutrients and integration. In our community this is the season for community-led self-organized sessions - a powerful season of cross-pollination, expansion, experimenting. Collectively we sit with inquiries around what we have learned about ourselves, our leadership and how we want to show up in the world. What’s our essence and what’s our unique medicine for the regenerative era going to be? Our focus is on integrating all that we have moved through over the course of our year together in ways that holds space for our inner evolutionary emergence.

This journey is for you if you want to:

Who is this course for?

  • Embrace regenerative leadership principles and learn how to apply them in your every-day work and life

  • Learn how to use Regenerative Business and Leadership self-evaluation tools to enable shifts in organizations, start-ups or teams

  • Strengthen and expand your international network of regenerative changemakers from all walks of life on a similar regenerative journey of unlearning and learning

  • Embody regenerative ways of being with a clear understanding of the shifts needed in consciousness, approach and actions

  • Feel empowered to become a better steward of life and regeneration connected to a purpose that is bigger than you

But it may not be for you if you're expecting...

Polished 10-step frameworks or a quick-fix guides to implement and execute. Spoiler alert: There are no one-size-fits-all models or quick-fixes when working in regenerative ways.

Being spoon-fed and served sound-bites on a silver-platter. An integral part of this journey is about commitment to a new way of being, doing, leading. It asks each of us to show up fully and take responsibility for our personal learning journeys.

1:1 coaching and counselling. If you are going through a period of deep personal healing, we strongly recommend combining the journey working 1-2-1 with a qualified therapist or coach.

For a regenerative transition to happen we urgently need people from all walks of life embodying and practicing Regenerative Leadership.

This is not a course for people in leadership position only - we welcome everyone committed to activating regenerative potential in their circles of influence. These are the types of people we most often attract:

Who is this course for?

  • Executives who understand that a regenerative business approach is the only way to move forward and the only way to future-proof their organization.

  • Intrapreneurs who are deeply passionate about sowing the seeds of inner transformation in their organizations, and long for a community to learn from, grow with, and be inspired by in terms of where to start and how to hold momentum.

  • Sustainability professionals, coaches and consultants who want to compliment their toolbox with an understanding of regenerative practice and frameworks.

  • HR professionals who understand their important role in transforming their organizations towards healthy, vibrant, living systems.

  • Educators who understand that the legacy they leave is one where they have equipped their students to navigate the complexities of the modern world, and to redesign it towards regeneration.

  • NGO leaders and community managers that sees the importance of ensuring NGOs are geared for the 21st century landscape and not lost in bureaucracy and rigidity.

  • Consultants and coaches who want to include a regenerative approach into their work and offerings to take their clients to the much-needed next level.

  • Architects and urban developers who are curious to explore how regenerative frameworks and approaches could improve their work in the field of urban regenerative design.

  • Project managers and team leaders who want to up-level their organizational approaches and frameworks into a mindset geared for the 21st century.

  • Students who feel their education isn’t prepping them to work or lead in the regenerative era.


Laura Storm

Laura is the Founder of Regenerators and Regenerators Academy and is the woman behind this journey. She has spent her entire career working in the intersection of sustainability, organizational development, climate change policy and the wisdom of nature.

  • She has started and led multiple international organizations focused on the global transformation to sustainability - including Copenhagen Climate Council and Sustainia.

  • She has been awarded the title "Worldchanger" by Greenbiz, named one of the 30 leading women within sustainability and regeneration by Sustainable Brands, is selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, a World Economic Forum Sustainability Expert and serves on many Boards.

  • She runs regenerative transformation processes for individuals and organizations and is the co-author of the much-praised book Regenerative Leadership - the DNA of life-affirming 21st century organisations.

Learn more about Laura here.

Emily Johnsson

Emily is our dedicated Community Nurturer and is co-facilitating the journey with Laura

  • She is an experienced self-leadership coach & learning facilitator with more than 20 years experience in the field of human development and growth.

  • She ensures our community is safely & bravely held by all of us.

  • Emily supports you to navigate the journey, bring your whole self to our space, and to embody regenerative principles through breath, movement & creative exercises.

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "This journey by Laura Storm, has been the most interesting, fulfilling, and enriching course experience I've taken so far. The wealth of ideas, guidance and wording are such an extraordinary source of constant inspiration!"

    Susana Gago Garcia, Founder & Director

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "This Regenerators journey with Laura Storm is life-affirming, on a personal and professional level. We very quickly understood why it’s necessary for the journey to last a year. One must become ‘Regenerative’ and that doesn’t happen overnight. The course gives ‘time for time’."

    Charlie Felgate, Leader of Decathlon Perspectives - today independent consultant

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "I want to recommend it to everyone, I mean EVERYONE. While the course is a journey of deep personal reflection, it also gives tools to support others to build for a regenerative future. The future can be bright and there is a lot of hope."

    Michaela Ramm-Schmidt, Senior Expert, Corporate Relations at Baltic Sea Action Group

A rich variety of virtual gatherings

Throughout the year we gather online 2-3x per month. Towards the end of our journey, when we open for community-led sessions, there’s an even richer amount of offerings you can dive into.


In these sessions, Laura Storm will hold space for the core theme of the month, along with community nurturer Emily Johnsson. Together they will design emergent sessions that weave in grounding, theory, cases, storytelling, breakout sharings in smaller groups, embodiment, music, journaling and collective sharings. All live sessions are recorded and can be accessed at any time.


As part of the journey, you will meet some of the world’s leading regenerative pioneers and practitioners and listen to them share inspiration, thought-provoking ideas, best-practice cases and their unique insights and ideas with us. They show up in live sessions in our community to offer wisdom designed to strengthen us and our capacity as budding regenerative leaders, and you have the opportunity to ask them questions directly.


These sessions are designed to help us all move from theory to practice by inviting members of our community to share a real-life challenge from their everyday (work)life. We are then collectively invited to apply what we have all learned so far on our journey together by providing feedback, ideas, insights, reflections with the intention of to move forward as regenerative leaders. The very act of supporting each other in this way, is breaking old patterns of thinking that we must figure everything out on our own, and believing that something must be perfect before we can share it with others.


These sessions are informal, relaxed, emergent sessions holding space for what feels alive in the community. They will mainly take part in the beginning of the journey to help nourish the community development. It's when we can see, hear, feel, sense through the sharings from our fellow travellers and how they are translating regenerative consciousness into their every day work-life and the challenges they face, that we can begin to see how we ourselves might do the same with even more intention.

We also offer the opportunity of journeying together with a small Home Circle

 If you are committed to showing up fully and want ongoing dedicated support from a small group of other committed journey travellers, you are invited to join your very own Home Circle at the start of our journey. Based on an application from you we will design the groups, introduce you to each other, and offer a structure of monthly reflective questions to explore together. This allows a more intimate space for deeper sharings and collective integration of new ways of being. After the initial introduction the Home Circles, you self-organize them. Alongside your Home Circle, you also get to meet all the other amazing humans on the journey during the breakouts in the LIVE Integration sessions.

We learn from courageous pioneers of the regenerative movement

We are inviting world-leading pioneers to share their unique insights and ideas with us.

  • Ayesha Khan

    Decolonizing Medicine and Healing: Building Community Care

  • Daniel Wahl

    Holding the Questions Together

  • Lyla June

    Leadership Paradigms within Native American Cultures: Four Examples to Heal our World

  • Michelle Holliday

    Practicing Thrivability, Stewarding Life

  • Nishanth Chopra

    Regenerative Supply Chains

  • Giles Hutchins

    Regenerative Leadership Coaching - holding space for leaders crossing the threshold

  • John Fullerton

    Regenerative Finance

  • Joshua Konkankoh

    Rite of Passage & The Importance of Eldership

  • Carina Lyall

    Storytelling as Regenerative Spaces for Renewal


  • Ashley Pollock

    Vivobarefoot case

  • Eva Karlsson

    Houdini case

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "This course has changed my life for the better in countless ways. It's the best course I've ever undertaken. I feel deeply grateful that Laura and all those she walks with are doing this beautifully crucial work at a time when it's needed most."

    Simon Jones, Community leader

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "A journey full of wisdom, diverse input and deep connections. A space for cross-pollination to start co-creating a world in which every living being can thrive in a regenerative way."

    Christina Hunn, Social Innovation Ecosystem Facilitator

  • Regenerators Testimonial

    "This course has opened up a whole new way of seeing the world for me. When we create organizations as the complex living systems they truly are, they are able to thrive, despite the many disruptions that will continue to rock the world over the next decades."

    Colleen Davis, Regenerative Executive Coach

Pricing options & payment plans for our 12 month long journey experience

We offer 3-month payment plans on all price levels. We also offer Group Discounts (send us an email). Price includes VAT. No refunds.

1) Corporate Sponsor (a spot for yourself + a sponsored spot for someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend) €2888
2) Corporate & self-employed (high-income) €2222
3) NGO/Academia/Self-employed (low income)€1555
4) Students & Unemployed €777

We do not offer refunds.


We are offering a limited number of free spots for the Regenerative Leadership 2024. Our scholarships help bring new projects and communities to life by nourishing you as a dedicated, passionate community leader, start-up, entrepreneur, farmer that are helping to bring about regenerative transformation around the world, but do not have the resources to pay for training, professional or personal development.

A Regenerative Business Model

This is how we at Regenerators Academy do our best to create regenerative ripples. The Regenerators Academy business model is based on values of regeneration.

This means that this entity has to create regenerative impact not just for participants, but far beyond its direct circles of influence. This isn’t a traditional course where financial revenue streams only benefit the creator of the course, or where the course content can only be accessed by those that can afford it.

Designing regenerative ripples has been at the core, which means the following simple rules are in place:

  • Indigenous wisdom keepers and efforts to regenerate land receive direct benefits of the financial capital generated: 10% (minus local VAT) of revenue is donated to regenerative projects with a preference for land regeneration and empowering indigenous voices. At its core regenerative wisdom is indigenous wisdom. It’s our responsibility to help these efforts to gain access to capital.

  • The Robin Hood Principle: Participants from corporations can donate a scholarship position directly through their payment to those that cannot afford participation. So every time someone from a corporation signs up, they immediately free up a scholarship position to someone without the financial means.

  • Guest speakers are financially compensated for their time and wisdom: Too often pioneers are expected to happily share their wisdom and knowledge without getting paid. In this course, they receive fair compensation for their time and wisdom.

  • We work in ways that allows for a cyclical approach to life: What does this mean? It means that we do our best to honor rest, wintering and time for reflection and integration.

Dates to save in your calendar

The monthly LIVE sessions will run twice a day to accommodate our global community (you are free to attend both but the focus will be the same for each session). 

The sessions will run 9-11 am CET AND 3-5 pm CET - you pick the time slot that best fits your time-zone/schedule. 

The sessions with guest teachers will be spread throughout the year at a time that's convenient for their time-zone and will only take place one time. 

Our monthly Integration Sessions:
DIVING DEEPER INTO REGENERATIVE LEADERSHIP & KEY TOPICS THAT EMERGE. Hosted twice a day to accommodate to a global community - pick the time that suits you best.


  • JANUARY 25, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • FEBRUARY 7, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • MARCH 7,9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • APRIL 16, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • MAY 14, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • JUNE 6, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • JULY 2, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • AUGUST 21, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • SEPTEMBER 25, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • OCTOBER 24, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • NOVEMBER 26, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET
  • DECEMBER 11, 9-11 am CET OR 3-5 pm CET

What we cover in the six foundational modules:

The six modules are pre-recorded and come with a workbook designed to help you develop your practice deeper. During the LIVE sessions we dive deeper into reflections and sharings.

  • MODULE 1: Why we need Regenerative Leadership

  • MODULE 2: Getting to the Root Cause: The Story of Separation

  • MODULE 3: Learning from Nature

  • MODULE 4: The Role of the Regenerative Leader

  • MODULE 5: The DNA of Regenerative Business

  • MODULE 6: Regenerative Leadership Capacities  

The essence of the six pre-recorded modules

A journey through inner, outer & ecosystemic dimensions

Regenerators are constantly focused on weaving new regenerative ways. They understand that how they show up for themselves and to what extent they apply regenerative principles to their own lives deeply influence their ability to create regenerative ripples through their own actions and leadership.

The Regenerative Leadership Journey will focus on how we can create regenerative ripples in our own lives, projects, organizations and through our actions have a regenerative ecosystemic impact.

Questions You May Have

  • What will we cover in the LIVE sessions? What if I can't attend?

    In our LIVE sessions, Laura prepare the theme based on what's most alive in the community. It could be a deeper exploration of the wisdom of nature, indigenous wisdom, the story of separation, more business cases, additional frameworks, exercises or yin-style reflective sessions. In our sessions with guest speakers, we allow the guests – the regenerative pioneers and practitioners – to offer pieces they feel called to deliver to us. All guests are ready to co-create and look forward to interesting sharing.

    All sessions will be recorded and posted in the community - except of course for the breakout rooms which are private sharing between those that are there.

  • How is this journey structured?

    This journey is designed with the intention of tapping into the alchemy of structure and emergence. This means that there's some elements that are fixed - the pre-recorded modules that are the known pieces of the puzzle that you dive into during your own time and space. The LIVE sessions on the other hand we collectively hold space for what wants to emerge. We dive deep together, share lessons learned, and express our reflections around the content pillars. Laura Storm will be the main space holder to guide and deeply sense into where we need to go next together as a collective.

  • How will I get to talk to fellow Regenerators on this journey?

    During the LIVE sessions we will always have breakouts where you get to meet fellow journey travellers, in our virtual community you can discuss, share and meet your fellow travellers. For those that are interested we will help you get your own Home-Circle - smaller study groups of app 6 who travel and learn together in a self-organized way.

  • When do we begin & end the journey? How much time should I allocate?

    We have the first LIVE session in January and then we have app. 2 sessions a month throughout 2024.

    How much time to allocate really depends on how deep you want to take your practice. If you go through all the modules which I highly recommend it's a total of 15 hours of video sessions and then comes the suggestions for diving deeper and the exercises.

    There are no rules. For some, the live sessions and the community deliver the most value; therefore, they may not watch all the modules. That’s fine too – you’ll take what you need from this experience and can always go back and watch a module that we referred to in the live sessions if you wish to do so.

  • Can I get a student discount or a scholarship?

    Yes, the price for students are significantly lower with the options of dividing payments into three segments. We also have the opportunity of applying for a scholarship. See further up on the page the link to submit application.

The Regenerative Leadership Journey captured by an artist

In 2022, Anna Denardin illustrated the journey's key sessions. These images gives you a great sense of the flow, richness and depth of our journey.